Product approval released by the Ministry of Transportation according to EU Regulation n 43 concerning tampered safety glass installed onmotor vehicles. Our trademark brands are Ironglass and Colorglass.
Released by U.S. Department of Transportation following teststhat demonstrate that we meet the requirements of the AmericanNational Standard of Safety Glazing Materials for Glazing Motor Vehiclesand Motor Vehicle Equipment Operating on Land Highways (ANSI/SAE Z26.1-1996 regulation)
Tested by the Istituto Giordano and at the Stazione Sperimentaledel Vetro according to Specifica Tecnica Trenitalia n 306931 concerning side safety glass for railway vehicles.
Tested by accredited Institutes according to French rules and regulationsNF F 31-129 concerning tempered safety glasses for railway vehicles.
Declaration of conformity for float products thermally tempered for civil and industrial contructions according UNI EN 12150 rules and regulations. We periodically do spot tests at accredited institutes and we also quality test factory production to guarantee conformity of the product.